Sentimental yet sardonic (booster17) wrote,
Sentimental yet sardonic

FlashForward 1x01

Derren Brown has gone too far this time.

Six months out from a life-changing event. 2 minutes 17 seconds of the future revealed to you. Would you change it? Would you even want to change it? So many questions raised, and so many different ways to explore. One of the best pilots I've ever seen: concept amazing, acting good, cast good and I love that we didn't see everyone's flashforwards immediately.

Dimitri : really? He really didn't see anything? I was surprised when Mark Benford woke up and didn't find him around near the car, so I'm not sure if he was lying about his FF and was also moving around. Still, I'm fairly sure that now they've brought up the possibility of his dying, he won't be.

Non-currently-pregnant-FBI-lady: Who the hell gets their scan done at 10pm at night? Different time zone, maybe? Like the other FBI guy in London with Alex Kingston?

Simcoe and Mrs Benford : This has potential to be very messy and involving. Their meeting next ep should be fascinating. Will there be chemistry? Will they immediately try to stay away from each other as much as possible? Intriguingly, his son knew Olivia by name thus suggesting his FF actually named her, though we didn't see him in her FF at all.

Subject Zero : aka the guy still moving in the stadium. Did look an awful lot like Simcoe with that terrible haircut...

Still missing a FF : Babysitter Girl (who sounded like her's was rough considering the talk about God and punishment), Suicide Doc, and Blonde Terrorist Girl. Maybe later....

Looks like this series is going to be about predestination v free will. I suspect a lot of things will work out close to how they were seen, but not exactly. Me? If this happened to me, then first thing I'd do is book that day off work and stay home, maybe throw a FlashForward party with friends.

Certainly, if I knew it was coming, I definitely wouldn't be sitting in a toilet reading the newspaper, Mr FBI Director, sir.

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