Sentimental yet sardonic (booster17) wrote,
Sentimental yet sardonic

Updated Old Friends, New Adventures over on boosterific, the latest in my and moragmacpherson's Dawn and Ten adventures.

Otherwise, not much is happening. New Boss's Boss's Boss at work starting this week officially, and rumour has it that there'll be changes, but then those always happen when we get a change at the top. Our office almost seems like a holding centre for management at that level : plug 'em in there for a bit, while we wait for their real post to open up. Wouldn't mind so much, but they keep turning up with ideas on how to 'improve' the place.

Which don't work. *eye-roll*

And the yearly anonymous feedback results are due to be read to us tomorrow. Which will be interesting as rumour also has it that they're not going to read out the Any Other Comments section this year, due to my immediate boss being named a LOT in there as arrogant, annoying and a complete waste of oxygen. I, of course, cannot comment.

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