Sentimental yet sardonic (booster17) wrote,
Sentimental yet sardonic

Torchwood viewing figures

They're very interesting indeed. (For the UK only naturally.)

Starts off on Monday with 5.9 million which is pretty damn good. Especially considering the recent (critically acclaimed) also-daily-shown Iraq War Occupation mini-series only got 4.4 million.

Tuesday's episode dropped down to 5.6 million. A drop-off of only 300,000 viewers. Damn good as most people were expecting the drop-off to be around 1 million or more viewers who had watched the first part, and simply decided not to bother with the rest.

Wednesday. Back up to 5.9 million. Unbelievably, the figures return to the same as the launch night. This was regarded as being the stablizer day - the one where viewing figures would drop to only those people who had decided to stay with the whole mini-series throughout. Obviously expected to be a lot lower than they were.

Day Four. Thursday. Last night's stunning episode. Rise again to 6.2 million. Holy shit.
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