Sentimental yet sardonic (booster17) wrote,
Sentimental yet sardonic

Torchwood again

One of these days, I'll manage to watch Torchwood actually live. Work on Monday didn't finish till halfway through that ep, last night was spent around a friend's house who hadn't watched the first part yet, and tonight'll have another friend visiting me who's refusing to watch the show until all five parts are available at once. So once again, it's coffee and Torchwood in the morning for me. (On the other hand, last night's Charlie Brooker's You Have Been Watching... was an excellent show, especially when they got into the wonderful world of Deadliest Warrior).

I'm still enjoying it muchly, though there are still some of the classic Torchwood tropes in play.

I still reckon the original 1965 Scotland thing was a joint Army/Torchwood operation which is why Jack's on the list of people to die. There's also a good chance that the ever increasingly creepy Decker, maybe Frobisher as well, was one of the children in question there. Although the "We are coming back" message could be from the children taken at that point...

They killed PC Andy! The bastards! I had a bad feeling as soon as they mentioned three bodies in the mortuary. But really Andy.... talking that loud about Gwen in front of the armed and nasty looking lady? You really were too stupid to live.

And I mentioned this over on shapinglight's LJ but it bares repeating: If you're so determined to kill all members of Torchwood, then shooting Gwen Cooper when you have her trapped in a corridor with lots and lots of rifles pointed at her is a good thing surely? But for me, the real eye-roller was the escaping in a very slow-moving-concrete-block-carrying mover happily trundling off the military base that previously had been shown to have an armed guard on the main gate.

Still, Hub blown up, big black car gone... it's back to basics for Torchwood, and I've been very happy with how everyone's reacted, regrouped and fallen back on their wits to carry on. Gwen and Rhys getting to London, Ianto and the laptop.... smart stuff.
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