Sentimental yet sardonic (booster17) wrote,
Sentimental yet sardonic

Reasons to be Cheerful

Yay! Friday is here at last, and it's looking like an excellent day already!

1) Started posting my and moragmacpherson's latest cliffhanger fic over at my fic journal :
Together Again For The First Time, parts 1 and 2 (Ten, Dawn, rated 15, Buffyverse/Doctor Who cross).

2) It's June 12th, which means it's exactly one year since work, in all their infinite wisdom, decided to put me on a sickness stage one (which means they thought I'd taken too much time off in the last 12 months ie 4 absences or 14 days total. Draconian, huh?). So if I'd had two sick absences in the last year, I'd have gone up to a stage two. Given that a stage three is when they kick you out the door, not a place to be.

Thankfully, one sick leave in the last twelve months means I'm off the stages completely. So, a hearty F-U to work, and I'm so tempted to call in sick on Monday now. *grin*

3) It's June 12th. And also the date of my last payment on a four year bank loan that was costing me almost £200 a month in repayments. Yee-Ha!

They're fast - already there is no 'Bank Loans' section in my online banking account. But it was certainly a nice surprise a few months back when I clicked on that section by mistake, and saw how low the total repayment amount left was.

4) Oh, and I've just been reminded that I don't have Asshole!Boss today. Sweet.

*happy and contented sigh*
Tags: state of the booster union

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