Sentimental yet sardonic (booster17) wrote,
Sentimental yet sardonic

The Sunday Comic List rides again!

Once more into the breach with my regular weekly listing of just what I'm expecting from the comic shop in the next week.

I'll be getting these :
100 Bullets 100 (yowser, this feels like it's been building for ages)
Trinity 46
X-Factor 42

My mate Mark will be getting these :
Action 876
Fables 83
Green Arrow Black Canary 19
Green Lantern Corps 35
Oracle 2
Superman/Batman 58
Trinity 46
Vigilante 5
X-Files 6
Amazing Spiderman 591
Captain America 49
Essential Dazzler Vol 2
Halo Uprising 4
Moon Knight 29
Secret Invasion Aftermath Beta Ray Bill 1
Squadron Supreme 10
Submariner Comics 70th Anniversary Issue 1
Uncanny X-Men 508
X-Factor 42
X-Men Legacy 223
Farscape Strange Detractors 1

Bad, bad week for me.
Tags: weekly comic list

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