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Couple of Memes, a baby update and Pimping my own fic

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Lilleth and Owain update : Lilleth's out of the incubator and into a heated cot now. She and Owain are in a double heated cot with a small partition between them, low enough so that they can touch over the top of it, but there so that one doesn't roll over onto the other. The cocktail of drugs they fed her with, to calm the series of fits she was having a couple of weeks back, have all finally been slowly decreased and now stopped entirely. She's still got an occasional tic on her left hand side, but we'll have to wait for a while yet to see what that means.

In other news, fic writing is flowing again nicely. I'm mainly been working on The Weasel and The Malfoy over in hourchallenges recently, but it occurred to me that I've never pimped those parts out in this LJ.

Part One
Part Two
Part Three
Part Four

Part four being the part that prompted this: Mynuet64729: Booster, I swear by all that's holy, if you don't keep working on this the minute you wake up tomorrow, I will do something horrible to you.

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