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Writer's Block? What Writer's Block?

And yes, that's the sound of me tempting Fate again there, folks.

After managing to get around to writing a drabble this morning, the muse promptly mugged me at work and frustrated me all the way through the day. iPhones are cute, cuddy and damn great for accessing the 'net at work, but you just try coding HTML in an LJ entry or actually trying to write fic on while the idea's still warm.

Either way, back home and the words zoomed out for the first time in ages. That and the characters (particularly Anya) totally took over the plot. Still not totally sure whether to use the crack!fic tag on it or not.

View it for yourselves : Apocalypse Prevention The Easy Way
Of all the things Buffy had been asked to do to prevent disaster, she really hadn’t been expecting this one.
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