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And now for a short message....

A quick note from Derek, father of Lilleth (whose name I have apparently been mispelling all this time):

I have been told by Pediatrician today that Lilleth has made a remarkable recovery that no one in the medical profession ever expected to happen. She is now expected to survive - thank the goddess! The blood that had leaked into her brain has to a large extent dissipated and she is in full control of her autonomic functions (breathing, temperature control, heart rate etc). We have been warned that she may still be disabled or have learning difficulties in later life and will probably suffer from epilepsy or similar and may need drugs to control this for the rest of her life. All of which we can accept in exchange for her pulling through.

This evening she has amazed the medics again by kicking off one of her blankets and stopping kicking once it was off thus demonstrating awareness of environment, the ability to problem solve and direct control of her lower limbs - all good signs.
She was also put the the breast tonight even though she was not expected to take milk as she is so small. She immediately latched on and fed - more than anyone could have hoped for.

Thanks to everyone for their wishes and hopes.

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