Sentimental yet sardonic (booster17) wrote,
Sentimental yet sardonic

Master fic list for 2008

Yeah, it's a good few days after everyone else, but chalk that one up to the hacking cough and cold that's stuck to me. Also, it's a bit of an embarassingly short list - 2008 was not my year for fic.

~ + ~

Wacky Rooftop Hijinks
Only one man can stop the latest problem in Gotham City. However, Batman’s running late, so enter Jack Harkness.
Yeeeeah. No idea what I was on when I wrote this, but it's a fun little thing.

Hat Trick
Missing some highly dangerous magical artifacts? Time to call in a professional!
(Buffyverse/JLA crossover drabble)
*snerks* Still a fun concept, but not one that could really be expanded on. Drabble is about the right length.

On the Care And Feeding Of Time Lords (La Gherardini Overdrive Remix)
Wrong Universe, wrong Time Lord. Like Rose Tyler’s gonna let that stop her… (Remix_redux)
I love Remix. Every year it's fun to try and come up with a different take on someone else's story, and this one works well on its own as well. Plus, writing Mickey = always funny.

Mary Poppins Was Never Like This
Adipose Industries’ weight-loss pills certainly got around. (Messing around with Doctor Who 4x01 “Partners in Crime” for empressvesica's birthday.)
Occasionally, it's fun to take the Scoobies and have them so far behind what we, the audience, know. The trick to good comedy : timing, and respect for the characters. Even if they can be complete morons at times.

Six Degrees of Connection

Over the years, it’s surprising just how many lives a simple photograph can touch.
Probably the fic I admire the most this year for the concept, and the chaining and the links. Definitely the one I struggled with the most.

And that was it. Very quiet year. :(
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