Sentimental yet sardonic (booster17) wrote,
Sentimental yet sardonic

Come in, number 11....

...your time is up.

For anyone who doesn't know already, BBC to reveal Eleventh Doctor tomorrow afternoon.

And in the best traditions, the story behind the story is also fascinating. Basically, a new poster on Outpost Galifrey (where they keep the Doctor Who fans who scare the other Doctor Who fans) had mentioned that his mate worked in BBC Sports (in PR) and he'd been told that the BBC PR people had a conflab to ensure that no big news was leaked Thursday night that would conflict with the unveiling of the 11th Doctor.

Thursday came and went, then Outpost Galifrey speculated that the opportune moment might be on the BBC 1 Saturday Confidential. And, today, they've announced that the 11th Doctor will be named and interviewed for their reaction on DWC (newly retitled). I guess a lot of the OG ungrateful (there is no other word) who were actually quite rude to him/her will be eating humble pie today; they were essentially right!
Tags: doctor who

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