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Sentimental yet sardonic [userpic]

Birthday wishes

November 23rd, 2008 (08:12 pm)

Happy Birthday, elementalv!

Hope you have a great day, full of cake and laughter!

PS. Happy Birthday to Doctor Who also, first transmitted 23 Nov 1963.


Posted by: Tara (elementalv)
Posted at: November 23rd, 2008 10:05 pm (UTC)

Ack! Doctor Who is exactly one year older than I am!

Posted by: Sentimental yet sardonic (booster17)
Posted at: November 23rd, 2008 10:20 pm (UTC)

Really? I thought it was about 5 years older than you.

....not of course that you would lie about your age. In that direction. I'm going to shut up now.

Posted by: Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures)
Posted at: November 23rd, 2008 10:34 pm (UTC)
Jelly Baby?

I don't really do birthdays, but Happy Birthday to both of you. Have a jelly baby.

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