Sentimental yet sardonic (booster17) wrote,
Sentimental yet sardonic

Dead Set

Dead Set is the UK Big Brother/Zombie movie crossover show I mentioned before. Looks like it's being shown every night this week on E4, finishing on Friday - Halloween.

Looking quite good so far, as they're taking this fairly seriously. Somehow, they've got the whole actual Big Brother production crew to go along with this - they're using the real sets, real ex-contestants, what appears to be the real behind-the-scenes area and the real presenter of the real show. Really. :)

Looks like we're going to go the way of the only people surviving the zombie attack are the ones locked up in the Big Brother house. Kinda a 28 Days later type thing. Intriguing so far, and they're definitely playing the zombies for shocks and not for laughs.

Still, totally all worth it just to see Davina McCall getting her throat ripped out by a zombie. *grin*

EDIT: Ok, zombie!Davina McCall beats it all. Oh, yeah!
Tags: tv

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