Sentimental yet sardonic (booster17) wrote,
Sentimental yet sardonic


Fuck fuck fuck.

Not good at all.

Lilith's been having fits every now and then for a while. Looks like the bleeding in the brain has affected the lower areas regarding the autonomous functions. Three options now - the brain rewires and works around it somehow (best case scenario - some later learning difficulty, but ok), brain keeps trying to work through the damaged area (probably need care for the rest of her life) or it gives up. Which seems to be the most likely right now.

Fuck. Again. She's getting christened or blessed or something like that tomorrow morning, btw.

Owain's doing fine, feeding whenever he feels like it, and screaming heartily when a blood sample's taken. No longer on antibiotics. It's heart breaking to see Mandy and Derek each being strong for the other one, only relaxing that face when the other's not there.

On the positive side, that 72 hour thing came and went while we were there. And she's still fighting strong. Tough little girl, and incidentantly it was her waters that broke on Wed, rather than Owain's. She wants to live. *crosses fingers*

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