Sentimental yet sardonic (booster17) wrote,
Sentimental yet sardonic


So I live in a two bedroom ground floor flat. As much, there's a small area at the front which is supposed to be for a garden, and a paved patio style spot accessible from a back door. They're small, cramped and I never use them. As such they've become horribly overgrown over the summer, and I really should have stopped that happening. I did make a half effort at clearing the trailing vines/thorny branches from going out into the public passageway.

Surprise #1 : the council turned up this morning to clear the stuff. Ooookay, I think. Stuff needs to be done anyway, and if I don't have to do the actual work, great!

Surprise #2 : they found a dead dog there.

To which I'm shocked, flabbergasted and lost. How the hell did it get there, what happened to the poor thing and what the hell do I do now? Is it my responsiblity to have it disposed of? The RSPCA? Enviromental Health? And all this, half an hour before I have to go to work...

Only thing I know for certain : never, never, never again is it getting that overgrown.

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