Sentimental yet sardonic (booster17) wrote,
Sentimental yet sardonic

Virus, virus everywhere...

This machine is quite well infested with various virus (virui?viruses?) at the moment, and it's looking like my tech guy won't be able to get here until tomorrow morning. Worst thing is that it's partialy useful - to the extent that I can use it to surf the net, get emails, etc but long term... no.

Something's screwed up in the registry, every now and then the CD-ROM drawer opens and closes itself repeatedly, spam webpages open themselves up occasionlly, odd letters keep being missed out when I'm typing at the keyboard like this (don't thinkit's my typing skills), starting a brand new Sophos anti-virus scan locks up the entire machine as it can't get past searching the memory, and Windows Defender is picking up a whole different set of problems than the ones Sophos has stored in quarantine. Oh, and when I restart the machine I have to jump as fast as possible to My Documents and Settings to delete a RunPatch.exe and a RunUpdater.exe asap before the Sophos window in the corner keeps telling me about the Malware in them every single two goddamn seconds.

And half the time the CD-ROM drive doesn't even get detected by the computer, but I think that's due to a faulty cable inside. That's the easy fix one.

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