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The opening song sequence for this years Eurovision alone is enough to make me turn to drink. Pissed off Jeanette Krankie, ripped off wedding dresses and a number of half male/half female model writhing in the background.

This is gonna be fun! -hic!-

1 - Romania
Interesting intro with the three models and their shirts. o.O Song seems relatively okay, though the male's collars stick out more than a little. Overall, okay if a bit bland.
2 - United Kingdom.
We get ballet to introduce us? First time I've heard the uk entry, and he's okay. Certainly better than the infamous Jemini. What kind of jacket is that?!?
3 - Albania
Apparently a wind machine will make the song seem more dramatic. Riiiiight....
4 - Germany
The German entry is in English? Huh... Looks like a nice song, shame the girls can't sing. And according to the redhead's hairstyle, I fear she had an electric shock just before coming on stage.
5 - Armenia.
Also in English. Nice strong beat, cute girl singer = my fav so far. Shallow? Me?
6 - Bosnia Herzegovina.
INSANE!!!! Love it!!! Knitting grannies, large pants and a laundry line. I am so voting for that.
7 - Isreal.
Finished two minutes ago, and I forget what it was already.
8 - Finland
Heavy metal again. I swear the lead singer has longer and better kept hair than some of the females so far.
9 - Croatia
Geriatic rap! Serenades! Prancing ballarinas! Second fav so far!
10 - Poland
Blonde and cute. Pretty good.
11- Iceland.
Wow. Probably the closest so far to what might actually be found in the pop charts. Should get a few votes.
12 - Turkey.
His eyebrows are scary. More of a rock song than a pop song, and rather enjoyable.
Halfway links of unspeakable shitness.
13 - Portugal.
The wind machine is back, but there's NO way they're shifting that singer!
14 - Latvia
15 - Sweden
The backing singers took their sweet time arriving on stage. And the men took even longer. Again, one that I could actually see selling outside the show.
16 - Denmark.
Bouncy. And annoying. I can see myself waking up humming that. Gah.
17- Georgia
I swear that's a Bond theme tune. And they changed outfits halfway through the song - which is normally a sign of crap songness.
18 - Ukraine
*blink* Did the Armenian girl sneak back on? And learn to sing? I liked.
19 - France.
The female backing singers all have beards. Great big beards. I swear I am not seeing things. Also, the lead singer is carrying a globe for some reason. My head hurts. Song? oh, it was okay.
20 - Azerbaijan
Gets a WTF reaction within the first ten seconds. Angels and devils, oh my.
21 - Greece
Nice singer, nice song, probably very good odds.
22 - Spain
WTF within two seconds. This is.... I'm.... speechless.
23 - Serbia
Host nation's gone for more of a ballad/traditional approach. Dignified, I suppose.
24 - Russia
"Believe" apparently, and also in English. They have a mad violinist writing around on the floor behind the singer. OMIGOD. They also have an ice skater.
25 - Norway.
Last song, thank god. Reasonable song, again in English. Not terrible, not great. Probably top ten though.
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