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Sentimental yet sardonic [userpic]

Happy April Fools Day!

April 1st, 2008 (10:04 am)

They're not gonna get me this year, I tell ya. I shall believe nothing, trust no-one and take anything anyone says with several grains of salt. *looks around all paranoid and twitchy*

Definitely seen some good gags already so far -
Questionable Content for example has been replaced by a comic involving unfunny dinosaurs (Todays real QC can be found at http://www.xkcd.com/ btw if like me you're addicted to it).

The Pirate Bay servers have apparently moved to Egypt.

Mininova.org is offering a torrent for Lost season 4 episode nine 24 days early and claiming it to be a DVD pre-air rip - it's actually an episode of VH1 Flavoured Love.

But so far the winner for me personally is the news from torchwood.tv that Sarah Jane Smith will be joining Torchwood in season 3. *snerk*

Edit : Wait, wait! It just got beaten! Amy Winehouse to play the Rani in Doctor Who season 4. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!


Posted by: Daveosaurus (southerndave)
Posted at: April 1st, 2008 10:18 am (UTC)

It looks like the web comics have done it by playing around with where their domain names point to... for example, I read both Questionable Content and XKCD via RSS feed on LJ and today's comic still came through the right RSS feed.

It's clever and innovative, though, so I have to applaud it. Still, an evil part of me wonders what would happen if, at the end of the day, they can't figure out how to un-do what they have done... teeheeheehee...

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