Sentimental yet sardonic (booster17) wrote,
Sentimental yet sardonic

For mynuet

Just a quick 15 minute challenge to myself, to try and cheer you up.

In years to come, it would be Ginny’s most treasured possession, a crinkled and creased thing to take out occasionally and read over again and again. Sometimes, she would show it to their children, and eventually even to their children's children.

Pick up spare robes from cleaning elf.

Ginny, Gin, Gineva?

Owl Mother.

Ginny Malfoy. Ginny Malfoy-Weasley. Ginny Weasley-Malfoy. NO!

The Goblin Riots of 1726 were caused by three main factors. The first and most important were the high prices being charged by the red haired local Bridgewater supply weasels merchants.

Ginny, dinny, linny, spinny? Twinney?

Oh wonderful, marvelous Ginny,
Just gazing at you sends me spinny,
Thank god you’re not like Fred and George – all twinney.

No! No! NO! A bloody Weasley? For fuck’s sake…

Goyle owes me 4 knuts
Crabbe owes me 5 sickles, 11 knuts (start working out interest rates)

But all that was yet to pass. Right now, all Ginny Weasley knew was that Draco Malfoy had just thrown a wadded up piece of paper at her and stormed off out of the Library.

Now get your ass on AIM, so I can huggle you.
Tags: draco/ginny, fic, harry potter
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