Sentimental yet sardonic (booster17) wrote,
Sentimental yet sardonic

Quick Torchwood 2x02 thoughts

2.02 Sleeper.

Huh. Bit of a slow mover for some reason. Quite a bit of stuff happened in the ep, but the whole thing felt slow, almost sedate. Maybe it was because there were no real surprises in the storyline, things wrapped up just how you'd expect and you could happily miss this episode and never notice.

Almost Torchwood-lite. Diet Torchwood?

Some very good lines - Ianto getting the majority of the goodies. But then he does know everything. And nice shaking in that chair. *grin*

Glaring plothole - if they're invulnerable and only Beth and the last guy got their Invincible button turned off, then how the hell did the other two die? Their own explosives? Hi, we're gonna make you unkillable except for these bombs that we're now gonna arm you with...

The CB radio was a nice idea, and twas even more fun to see it taped to their wing mirror from then onwards. Lucky thing the CB back deep down underground in TW HQ was turned on.

Overall, No sense of urgency thoughout and not even in the car on the way to a nuclear meltdown, Jack seemed way over the top at times in his shouting, and the prosethics on the evil alien hand were really not good. If last week was 8 out of ten, this was a 5 or a 6. There was nothing wrong with it, just... nothing outstanding about it.

Twas meh.
Tags: episode reviews, torchwood

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