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Just cooked myself what looked like a lovely lasagna. Pulled it out of the oven, tried to put it on the plate, and Whoops! Splat on the floor. Bugger.

In other things, finally managed to write something again. Spent most of this week revising, editing, betaing and reading other stuff, rather than doing the amount of writing that I got through last weekend.

Admittedly, it's only another short part of my LJ only "The Trick is To Keep Breathing" but every little helps, huh? :)

Her mind slows down and assesses the situation. At the same time, her body speeds up as the adrenalin starts pumping.

It's dark.

There's only one of her, so they'll probably get in each other's way.

And now she has a weapon.

Her mouth curls up in an unwilling smile at the situation. Guess deep down, she is the type of girl who will always fall back on hitting something if necessary.

Question now is – what's their eyesight like? Have they adapted to the lack of light quicker than her? Minor points like how many there are can wait.

As the thoughts flip through her mind like cards in an index, slotting into place in a flawless and logical manner, her body reacts. Moving faster now than when she actually thought of doing it, she strikes out to the side towards the nearest scraping sound, and flips off in another direction completely.

She's undecided on whether to head towards the only light source left at the exit or not, but most of her is aware and up for the fight. She almost laughs out loud when she realizes that this is the most content she's been since this whole mess started.

A cloven hoof scrapes even closer to her. She freezes.

Then explodes in a beautiful spinning maelstrom of motion and anger.

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