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A man, a plan, a trip - irtanal panama!

After quite a bit of self-imposed mental trauma and a mini-epiphany, I finally decided that I need a goal. Something to aim for, something to force myself to strive for. Instead of wallowing round and round in ever decreasing circles of inward loathing and hatred.

Thus I announce the Booster United States Tour, coming soon to a state near you.

For several years now, I've been meaning to go visit the States, see what it's like, and hopefully run into some of the people that I only know online. And every year, I keep putting it off due to various stuff, but mainly money related. But not now! Sometime in the rest of 2004/05 I'll be popping over that pond, and annoying everyone I can get hold of. For about 2 weeks probably.

So, anyone want to meet me in person? Form a queue, please...

And oh yeah... let me know your locations too. Thanks!
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