Sentimental yet sardonic (booster17) wrote,
Sentimental yet sardonic

Heroes 2x03 - aka Dumb and Dumber

Wow. The entire cast all got hopped up on stupid pills.

Alexandro decides to steal a car out in broad daylight, in the middle of a town square with no real plan other than break the window. Not to mention Maya and Alejandro have $14 total left to reach America. Though I did like her deliberately using her powers for the first time.

Candice thinks Sylar won't kill her. Hi, I have powers Mr Sylar, look at them! Why are you holding an axe, Mr Sy----!!! Personally, as an illusionist in a room with Sylar, I'd be standing over the other side of the room, while an image of me did all the talking. Or preferably in another room/building/city.

Sylar has no powers, no idea where he is, and a great big sucking chest wound. Yay! Time to start the killing spree all over again!

West and Claire run away from school together. Yeah, there's NO chance the school didn't contact Mr Bennett about Claire ditching. West is still all stalkerish, and annoyingly it's looking like his power IS flight, rather than anything else. Can we please kill him off now?

Nikki, Nikki, Nikki... Yes, the evil organisation that killed DL will help you lose your powers. *eye-roll* Hopefully, this is all a trick for her to get revenge - possibly another strand of Bennett's attack?

The Irish mob in general sucked. Thankfully the accents seem to be settling down to a standard level of crapness, but don't get me started on how accepting they've all suddenly become of Peter. And the brother and sister so have powers of their own.

Peter really should have opened the box. There is NO real reason why he shouldn't except that the writers don't want that yet.

Kensai goes to acceptence of his powers, love of Spunky-Japanese-Girl, and all round nice guy awfully fast, doesn't he? Bad writing, stupid character or plot point? You decide!

And is it me, or did Peter only get round to kissing the girl after she declared them family? The incest subtext lives on!
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