Sentimental yet sardonic (booster17) wrote,
Sentimental yet sardonic

Heroes thoughts

Spoilers for 2x01 : Four Months Later.

There's a couple of comedy sitcoms just waiting to come out there - the remake of My Two Dads with Molly, Matt and Mohinder, and the whole strained family meal of the BennettsButlers.

Matt got a brain while we were gone! Not only smartly using his powers to figure out which person to shoot in the test, but also coming up with a decent excuse for why he picked that one. Just as nice to see Molly calling him on the using his powers thing though. Molly, if she survives, may well turn out to be the moral center of the show.

No Sylar (which I've only just realised is an almost anagram of Slayer. DOH!), Nikki, DL or Micah? Interesting...

Nice to see the Heroes tradition of inappropriate family chemistry lives on with Mayo and Alexandro. He has 'dead man walking' written all over him, but I suspect that won't happen until the maximum dramatic time ie, safely in America and probably when Maya's surrounded by a crowd. Calling it now. :P Gotta wonder if she's connected to the whole virus thing that Mohinder was talking about - and whether her power would work on other powered individuals.

West is one creepy stalker like emo dude with his whole robot or alien line. Was I the only one wanting Claire to come up with a third option of 'mutant'? Plus, of course he can fly. Totally a mixture of Nathan and Peter for Claire to obsess over. Are we sure Nathan hasn't got yet another bastard offspring out there?

Claire's showdown with the cheerleaders reminded me a lot of early season one Buffy, Willow and Cordy. Though interesting to see them going with the cheerleaders=evil again. Because that's not played out at all yet...

Mr Bennett still rules. That is all.

They killed Sulu! Nooooooooooooooo!!! And hopefully MamaPetrelli's next. Though that picture was definitely of a larger group before it got ripped up. Now, was the Nine they referred to including Lindeman, Mr and Mrs Petrelli and Charles Deueruax or were they originally 13? Hmmm...

Mohinder's voice-overs : still annoying. And I was totally fooled by him being contacted by the organisation. I was beginning to assume Mohinder was going to be fooled by everyone out there every single time, and it would be a character flaw, etc. Thankfully, it's more a case of him being a double agent with Bennett as his handler. Cool.

Oh, and another absentee : Bob the Haitian! Although his necklace looked like it turned up round Peter's neck at the end...

Nathan makes an interesting bearded drunk. My first thought was that it was Claude again bumping into Ando at the start, not Nathan. And shouldn't he be in Washington, anyhow? So looking forward to seeing how they explain this one.

Kensai is white. And English. And a drunk. Oh, Hiro, Hiro, Hiro... never meet your heroes, they always have feet of clay. Totally a coinflip at the moment whether Swordsmith's Daughter or Hiro step up and become the Kensai of legend. Possibly both. We ever seen any pictures in S1 of Kensai without his mask and armour?

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