Sentimental yet sardonic (booster17) wrote,
Sentimental yet sardonic


The electric saga is not yet over.

Why?!?! What have I done!?!?

Last week I actually ran out of power duee to them not sending the damn key I need to put more credit on the meter with. Not blaming this one on the Postal strikes at all, just them being so damn slow. The engineer had to come out and put emergency credit on just to get all that working again. *sigh*

And now I have the key. It's properly registered, and is getting credited properly by the shop, but when I insert it into the meter, it bleeps, goes "Token accepted", flashes the ten pounds I put on it, and doesn't change the main credit display one bit. Emergency credit is now down to 16 pence and falling.

Hopefully, I'll be around later. *crosses fingers and waits by phone AGAIN*

SIDE NOTE: Apparently, I'm not striking today, as management and the Union have gone into big, long, detailed secret talks. Which annoyed lots and lots of people at work yesterday when that was announced as everyone has sorta made plans for long weekends, babysitter arrangements or specially arranged Friday evening plans.
Tags: electric saga

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