Sentimental yet sardonic (booster17) wrote,
Sentimental yet sardonic

Good news on the water front...

Excellent news!!!

SEVERN TRENT WATER: All ready to start pumping water to Gloucester. Good progress is being made now that water from the restored Mythe water treatment works has started flowing to taps in Tewkesbury and the surrounding area. Severn Trent engineers have been monitoring its pipe network carefully overnight and are now making final preparations for the next phase, which should see water filtering into Gloucester from noon today. Andy Smith, Severn Trent's director of water services, explained:

"This does not mean that everyone in Gloucester will get water today. This is a controlled process to refill more than a thousand miles of empty water pipes and we must emphasise that it may take several days for supplies to filter through to 60,000 homes in Gloucester. We cannot give exact timescales for how long this process will take as it is heavily dependant on demand levels. We are expecting high demand because, understandably, people who have been without water for more than a week will be eager to make use of a reconnected mains supply. We are still aiming to begin pumping water to Cheltenham and the areas nearby from Tuesday. So although water is on the way, a full recovery is still several days away and we must remind customers that when water is restored, it must not be used for drinking, even after boiling. It's perfectly safe to use for showering, bathing, flushing toilets and washing clothes"

Flushing toilets is highly important. Work has been supplying us with chemical Portaloos, which when you sit down is only 4 inches away from the tip of your nose. And the clothing is almost equally as important - just about to run short of clean stuff to wear.

But YAY!!!!!!

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