Sentimental yet sardonic (booster17) wrote,
Sentimental yet sardonic

Oh Dear Lord....

Over at at San Diego Comic-Con, Joss Whedon has just announced

"90 minute Ripper for BBC. Everybody in the same frame of mind that it should happen and will happen soon. Been talking with Tony Head."

*covers ears to block out squees of joy from the fangirls*

More info about his panel : here

Update : More direct quotes from Whedonesque :

Illyria was his favorite to write for. The whole process of watching Amy at the Shakespeare readings and realizing her potential, so knew the only way to let her use that was to kill her. Joss tried to sneak in and write all of her dialog. "World With Shrimp" speech fits to music of Lucy In the Sky With Diamonds, or My Favorite Things.

Directing Harry Potter film? Yeah, he probably could find a weekend for that.

JMS just did a direct to DVD Babylon 5 movie, and is thinking the same way a lot of us are. What he did was what a lot of creators are wanting to do.

Anyone he regretted killing? Had secret plan to bring back Tara that never came to fruition. (In Season 7, he wanted to do episode where Buffy was given a wish. You used your wish on shoes? Of course not, and Tara standing there. Was going to be about three or four episodes in. But could not make it happen. So he made it about Willow moving on instead, and that's where Kennedy came from. Oh, so that's what being booed sounds like.

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