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*evil snicker*

Oh yes, and just to really annoy everyone in America :

Nine hours till I see Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban!

Anyone want spoilers when I get back?


Number of times that Gary Oldman takes his top off?

It's gonna be fascinating - I'm seeing it with a friend from work who must be the only person on the planet who actually doesn't know the story. He's never read the book (though he did read the first two after getting them for Christmas, and seeing the first two films) and has spent the last year or so dodging spoilers left, right and centre.

Mind you, this is the same person who spend a year hiding from Episode One trailers and spoilers. To the extent that when we were in the cinema watching some other film, when the Episode One trailer came on, he covered his ears with his hands and dived to the bottom of the seating row. Naturally, halfway though the trailer, I nudged him and told him it was okay to come back up.

He stayed down there through the next trailer too, just to be safe.

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