Sentimental yet sardonic (booster17) wrote,
Sentimental yet sardonic

Work update

You may remember my work is currently in an Industrial Action/Strikes situation. After the first two one-day-strikes seem to have no efect on management, the CWU (my union) rolled out an ambitous two week strike strategy with different parts of the company going out on strike at different times, thus causing various stresses on the system at varying times. In my case, we wee meant to go on 24 hours strike on Thursday and next Tuesday.

However, due to the local problems with all the flooding around Gloucestershire, the union bosses back in London have passed the buck down to our branch officals, and they, urged on by a letter from our local MP, have decided to call off the strike locally for the first week at least and help the community by providing a regular service and doing our best to process all the backlogged mail from everywhere that's been cut off around here.

Damn good idea in my opinion. Win-Win situations all round for us who don't lose a days money when we really need it, for the union who can come over as sympathic and helpful to its workers, and for local management who get their centre working as normal during a national strike. Of course, the local union has extracted a promise from the centre boss that we won't get used as a dumping ground from other striking offices that day - otherwise it's down tools and out.

We certainly live in interesting times.

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