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Sentimental yet sardonic

Doctor Who song parody

Came across this the other day, from 1995 by Paul Cornell (he of 'Father's Day' and 'Human Nature/Family of Blood'). Totally about Classic Doctor Who, but still amusing.

~ + ~

Quarklife (from the tune by Blur)

Resilience is a preference for the spiked practitioners of what is known as...
And big-shouldered suits should be avoided if you want to make it through what is known as...
Toba's got a padded suit, he gets intimidated by the Dulcians, they'd love a bit of him.
Who's that fat Time Lord snooping? You should cut down on your porklife, mate, get some exercise!

The Dominators
They go hand in hand
Hand in hand through their

I activate when my power's replenished, except on Wednesday when I'm rudely awakened by Dominator Rago.
I check my disintegrator, flap my arms about, and then think about leaving the saucer.
I spin my head, I sometimes spin my whole body. It gives me a sense of enormous well-being.
And then I'm happy for the rest of the day, safe in the knowledge that there will always be a part of my programming devoted to it.

Repeat chorus.

It's got nothing to do with your Ka Faraq Gatri, you know...
And it's not about you Chumblies who go round and round and round...

- Paul Cornell (, 17th April 1995
Tags: doctor who

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