Sentimental yet sardonic (booster17) wrote,
Sentimental yet sardonic


Not spamming you here, just a couple more updates.

~ + ~

The DVD poll showed a fairly overwhelming majority urging me to buy Supernatural Season 1. So it's ordered and on its way. Should be fun, as I know nothing about it, apart from the extreme melting down of most of the females on my flist. Apparently, there is an Impala car and occasional plots with it?

~ + ~

Countdown 47's been added to the Countdown timeline. Still working on some of the precurser stuff to Countdown, but those'll be added soon. Wondering whether I should add Amazons Attack 1 to Countdown 47 though....

~ + ~

And Blink really was marvelous, wasn't it? When I'm logged into an mmorpg later that night, and the global chat channels are busy talking about it, you know they're tapped into something big and effecting. This is gonna be one of those episodes that people will recall from their childhood many, many years later...

Just how kiddies woke up screaming Sat night, I wonder? *grin*
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