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Electric woes...

Five weeks ago...
They insist on putting in a card payment meter. Unfortunately, the idiot doing the installation takes out the off-peak meter totally and only replaces the main peak one. Thus, no hot water or heating. As discovered when getting into the bath.

Three weeks ago...
A second guy comes round, but can't install a new meter there and then. As a stop-gap, he re-wires the hot water/heating circuits directly into the peak rate meter. I phone up, tell the company what's happening and ask for a new two rate meter to be fitted. They say fine - it'll be end of May.

One week ago...
Having just received a letter threatening disconnection due to non-payment (on a frigging CARD meter?!?), and not having heard anything about reconnection times etc, I ring up and inquire WTF is going on. There is NO record of any appointment being made, but they will kindly stop the disconnection stuff. And they make a nice appointment for me to have my meter changed today.

I wait. I wait around some more. Still waiting. I call. Again, no record of an appointment being made, but they'll make another appointment as soon as possible and get a letter out to me in the post.

My head hurts and I'm late for work.
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