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Countdown crossovers and (approx) Timeline

Yes, I'm a great big comic geek.

And this is where I'm going to be trying to work out all the Countdown stuff : timelines, how/where everything else crosses over, and what goes where.

The build-up to Countdown (still a work-in-progress) can be found here.


Countdown 51

- Darkseid starts moving pieces on his cosmic chessboard.
- Duela Dent, the Joker’s Daughter, kidnaps a starlet for money but is stopped by the Red Hood.
- Mary Marvel, coming out of her coma, discovers that her family has deserted her, and that she’s powerless.
- Trickster attempts to rejoin the Rogues for their next assault on the Flash. Pied Piper, informed of this by one of his rats, decides he’s going to have to do something.
- Duela Dent is attacked and killed by a Monitor, despite Red Hood’s efforts.
- Another Monitor appears and prevents the first from killing Jason Todd as well.
- A Monitor approaches the Source Wall in search of answers. Why all this rising tension? “Great Disaster” replies the Wall. What is the solution? “Ray Palmer”.

Countdown 50
- Jimmy Olsen interviews Red Hood about the death of Duela Dent, but gets no real answers.
- Mary Marvel sees Madame Xanadu for help in finding Freddie. That is not possible, but Mary’s destiny ahead is powerful, both light and dark. It would be best if she stayed out of Gotham City.
- Karate Kid, dressed in a Trident outfit, fights Batman in the Batcave until being knocked out by Black Lightning.
-----> JLA 8 : This scene is an expanded version of Karate Kid and Batman's fight in part one of the Lightning Saga.
- The Rogues are preparing for a major attack on the Flash, under Inertia and Captain Cold. They’re gonna need a display of loyalty from Piper and Trickster though before they let them back in.
- Jimmy Olsen visits the Joker at Arkham Asylum, but he denies all knowledge of Duela. Exiting Arkham, Killer Croc escapes his bonds and charges straight at Jimmy.

Countdown 49
- Somehow, Jimmy’s body elongates under Croc’s attack and he survives. He has no idea what just happened – or why.
- The Monitors discuss the murder of Duela. The killer strongly urges the wiping out of all such cosmic mistakes, especially Red Hood, Ion and Donna Troy. The Monitors are also watching closely Karate Kid, Nightwing and Supergirl.
- Karate Kid is being held in a cell on the JLA Satellite. Red Arrow tries to get information from him, but is unsuccessful.
- Piper and Trickster convince Mirror Master that they have definitely returned to villainy. Trickster, however, double crosses Piper and demands all the money instead for not saying anything to the other Rogues.
- Mary Marvel, in Gotham City anyway, is drawn to the old Khandaq embassy, where she encounters a still furious Black Adam.

Countdown 48
- Mary Marvel convinces Black Adam not to kill her.
- Jimmy Olsen’s report to Perry on his lack of success at Arkham is interrupted by a battle overhead in the skies of Metropolis.
- The funeral of Duela Dent is held. Jason Todd approaches Donna Troy afterwards. He’s looking for sympathy from someone who also is not meant to be there in the universe.
-----> Teen Titans 47 : After the funeral, the Titans investigate Duela's death, talking to Jason Todd along the way. Investigating the scene, a person that they cannot clearly see warns them away from looking into the case, and teleports them across the country. Later, Wonder Girl and Supergirl are discussing this in their apartment, when breaking news of the Amazon Attack on Washington breaks.
- Karate Kid is still locked up, but chatting to Starman this time. Starman informs him that Doctor Impossible is behind his ending up in a Trident suit.
- Jimmy uses superspeed to save a family from falling debris, before the New God Lightray falls to earth. While Superman cannot catch Lightray’s attacker before they Boom Tube away, Lightray dies clutching onto Jimmy Olsen. His last words : “I-Infinite…”

Countdown 47
- Jimmy Olsen dreams. Lightray tells him to open his eyes, then Jimmy realises he's part of the Source Wall. He wakes, wondering just what is happening to him.
- Holly Robinson, one-time Catwoman and current fugitive from the Gotham police, comes to Metropolis. Fending off a pimp that tries to pick her up, she walks on past an Athenian Woman's Help Shelter.
- Mary Marvel tries to persuade Black Adam that there is still hope, even after everything. Black Adam does not take this well.
- The Monitors debate what to do with those who cross between universes. Most of them vote to kill Donna Troy, Jason Todd and Kyle Raynor. One Monitor is shocked at this.
- Piper and Trickster converse away from the other Rogues, trying to figure out why the other is back there with the Rogues.
- Black Adam holds Mary by the throat and whispers Shazam. When the lightning strike has cleared, Adam is now human and powerless again, and Mary is now all powered up in a black suit using Adam's powers.
- Meanwhile in Washington, Amazons Attack!
-----> Amazons Attack 1 :
-----> Amazons Attack 2 : Donna Troy leaves her audience with Hippolyta, looking for Wonder Woman, but is instead met by Jason Todd again.

Countdown 46
- At the Daily Planet, Jimmy and Lois are discussing Lightray's death and the Amazon Attack in Washington, when Jimmy gets a note and hurries off.
- In Gotham, Mary Marvel adjust to her new Black Adam based powers. Flying around during a thunderstorm, she spies 6 women on a rooftop chanting and summoning a demon. Naturally enough, the demon attacks her.
- Piper and Trickster meet up with the other Rogues. Piper is still not happy with Mirror Master for killing his parents, and their fight is only broken up by Captain Cold and Inertia coming to collect everyone for the Flash attack.
- Jimmy visits Suicide Slum, passing by Holly Robinson on route. Entering one building, he meets one-time Apokcaliptan Sleez who sent him the note about Lightray. Sleez gets as far as 'Darkseid can finally be destroyed if you' before he's interrupted by someone attacking the building.
- Outside, Holly saves an old man from being hit by falling debris.
- Sleez is killed in front of Jimmy Olsen by a unseen figure, saying "So begins the end."
- Mary Marvel calls down the lightning to stop the demon sucessfully.
- Jason Todd talks to Donna about the research he's been doing, identifying the killer of Duela as the Monitor. Donna mentions her recent meeting with the Monitor, and how she was supposed to die in the recent crisis. Jason takes it as more proof of his theory that someone wants them out of the way.
- The observing Monitors see this and decide to unleash Forerunner on both Jason Todd and Donna Troy.
- Forerunner quickly attacks, and knocks down both of them.

Countdown 45
- Donna Troy stops Forerunner from killing Jason, but quickly realises just how difficult an opponent she's facing.
- Jimmy stares at the remains of the building where Sleez died, and tries to make sense out of everything that's happened so far. He reflects on the New Gods and his bursts of power, and decides to try and test how those come out in times of stress.
- Forerunner and Donna continue to fight throughout Washington.
- Holly is thanked warmly by the old man she saved. A woman interrupts them and offers Holly a place to call home.
- Forerunner and Donna's fight is stopped by the friendly Monitor appearing between them. Forerunner cannot attack him due to gentic conditioning.
- The watching Monitors argue over these evolved Forerunners and their brother's actions. The angry Monitor insists that the one who just saved Donna and Jason is the greater threat.
- On the JLA satellite, Karate Kid and Starman have been reunited with Dream Girl, but all three still claim no knowledge of why they've travelled back in time.
- As the friendly Monitor teleports away with Jason and Donna, Forerunner is distraught over these revelations. The Monitors do not trust her, she failed to kill her targets and now she is abandoned here on this world. She rips out her braid, her link to the Monitors.
- Watching Foreunner carefully and considering her place in his plans is Monarch.
----->Flash 8-13: Inertia and Captain Cold lead the Rogues on an attack on the Flash, which succeeds. The Flash is killed.

Countdown 44
- Mary Marvel uses her powers to visit the Rock of Eternity where she finds Billy, who is now the new Keeper of the Rock. He tells her of Freddie's quest to pass the trials and become the new Captain Marvel.
- In Washington, Monarch approaches Forerunner and offers her redemption in her eyes and a way to get back at the Monitors. Eventually, she accepts.
- Jimmy Olsen tries to work out what's happening with these strange power bursts. They only seem to come when he's in danger, so he hangs round Suicide Slum and tries to get mugged. However, nothing happens when he gets punched, but spikes suddenly appear when the next guy tries to grab him. Jimmy is more confused than ever.
- Elsewhere in Metropolis, Holly is taken to a woman's shelter. A big Amazonian type shelter.
- Pied Piper and Trickster are on the run in Keystone City, wanted in connection with the murder of the Flash. Desperate and alone, they only have each other to fall back on as they cannot turn themselves in. As they wander off, other people are following them, hoping to find the other Rogues.
- Billy chides Mary for just how she dealt with the Demon the other day so brutally, and is equally horrified to find she got her powers from Black Adam. Mary is furious at this, and how she was basically dumped alone with no help from her family. Refusing to give them up, she leaves.

Countdown 43
- a funeral!

Timeline yet to be established for these
JLA 10 - The Legion return to their time, except for Karate Kid. Wally West and his family are brought back from where they were.
Amazons Attack 3 - Superman puts out the Kansas fire, while Hippolyta goes on air and demands the surrender of the United States. Her closest guards are concerned over what is going on. The President orders the arrest of all individuals known to have contact with the Amazons or Wonder Woman. Superman and Batman meet up again to discuss what's happening briefly, while Nemesis is still dying from Bee stings. Wonder Girl and Supergirl visit Hippolyta, while Green Arrow is tasked by Batman to look into the bombing of a nuclear plant near Star City. Grace from the Outsiders is watched by someone as she beats up a couple of Amazons. Green Arrow reports back that he found a strange device near the reactor - definitely NOT Amazon work. Someone else is involved in the happenings. And on Air Force One, Supergirl and Wonder Girl demand that the plane land at once.
Wonder Woman 10 -
Teen Titans 48 -
Blue Beetle 16 - Eclipso returns to earth somehow, but is prevented from gaining a new body by Blue Beetle and Traci 13.
Sinestro Corps - Sinestro's evil equivilent of the Green Lantern Corps starts a war on the GLC. Many rookies are killed in an attack on Oa, and two prisoners are freed : Superboy-Prime, and the Cyborg Superman. Kyle Raynor is kidnapped by the Sinestro Corps to the anti-matter universe, and his will broken when it's revealed that his mother was murdered on Sinestro's orders. The Ion being that was in his body is stripped away and Parallax placed there instead. All four of these powerful beings (Sinestro, Parallax, Cyborg Superman and Superboy-Prime) come before their leader : The Anti-Monitor.

If I've missed anything, I'd be grateful to know about it. Thanks!
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