Sentimental yet sardonic (booster17) wrote,
Sentimental yet sardonic

Countdown build-up

Infinite Crisis
- The re-birth of the Multiverse in IC 7.
- Superboy Prime is imprisoned on Oa.
52 1-52
Battle For Bloodhaven
- Cap Atom is put in the Monarch suit.
- Command D is located under the remains of Bloodhaven.
Ion has some odd encounters
- Capt Atom is in the bleed between universes
- Various Tangent Earth characters briefly visit our earth.
- The Tangent Green Lantern is turned over to Guy Gardner for safe keeping.
Jason Todd/Red Hood
- Appears in Nightwing ??
- Then kidnaps Speedy in Green Arrow ??
Monitors are seen watching people.
- Brave New World shows there are many.
- Ion ?? : One Monitor appears momentarily to Kyle.
- A Monitor watches Nightwing
- Stormwatch PHD is also observed over in Earth-44.
The New Gods are stirring
- Firestorm ?? : Darkseid kidnaps Professor Stein.
- Hawkgirl ?? : Several Female Furies visit Earth briefly.
- Mystery In Space 8 : Orion appears in space at the end, watching the Weird head back to Earth.

Continued over in Countdown : the first quarter.
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