Sentimental yet sardonic (booster17) wrote,
Sentimental yet sardonic

DW 3x08 - Human Nature

Liked it a lot.

He's very different as John Smith, isn't he? Bored/matter of fact giving the boys permission to beat up the younger kid.

Sidney and Verity as the Doctor's parents!! Total and utter WIN. And the classic Galifrey in Ireland gag too!

Scarecrows are scary.

"Oh, you complete..." and it's Martha's turn to slap him. Hee!

The Doctor's John Smith's journal has some beautiful artwork in it. Nice Rose picture.

One query on the whole cricket ball/piano sequence - wouldn't it have been a LOT easier for The Doctor John Smith to have hit the lady pushing the pram in the first place? I guarantee anyone hit by a cricket ball will stop pushing a pram... Mind you, that whole intricate series of events type thing is much more a Seventh Doctor thing than a Ten thing.

And they just couldn't resist having the "..follow the Master.." line in the hymn, could they?

Confidential seems to have stopped dead on my tv at least. WTF?
Tags: doctor who, episode review

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