Sentimental yet sardonic (booster17) wrote,
Sentimental yet sardonic

Heroes finale

Overall : slightly underwhelmed.

Pop quiz : You have a sword, are a big geek, and have sucessfully stabbed the villain through the torso. How the hell can you possibly resist chopping his head off? There can be only one!!

So, Sylar - dead or alive? The whole creepy eyes thing suggested that he was dead, but the blood trail hints otherwise. Through it's perfectly possible someone else came up from the sewers and took his body. Either way, I bet Sylar's back now season in one way or another.

Nathan and Peter - everyone's convinced that Peter will regenerate from it in some form or another. The question is how long will it take, and will everything be the same from him afterwards. I'd say Nathan is most likely dead, but given that he can fly at high speeds without any heat friction problems suggest that he might survive if he wasn't at point blank range. Perhaps if he threw Peter up in the air...?

And Peter? Is he more the Ultra Boy type of powers - only able to use one at a time? If he got stuck on Bomb for example, he might not have been able to fly himself up. I certainly don't remember him ever using two powers at the same time.

DL survived!! Woo! Really thought they'd killed him off last week, so great to see Mohinder able to patch him up enough to get out of the building. Note that if Mohinder hadn't stopped to help, Molly and he wouldn't have been able to escape the building thanks to Micah. Incidentally, I'm placing money NOW on a future version of Molly and Micah all grown up and dating turning up next year.

And Niki was able to channel Jessica's strength herself - excellent. Nice to see both halves of her working together as one. And the whole play on Niki's paranoia by Candice using her powers was pretty damn sneaky - Glad Candice seems to have survived. Odd how, after last weeks hints that her normal appearance wasn't how she looked, when knocked unconscious, she reverted back to her standard look. Still, I suppose you could fanwank it that she was originally very horribly scarred and was cured by Lindeman, thus causing her great loyalty to him.

Best scene/use of powers went to Claire as she jumped out of the window. Yeah, you really don't want to be a Petrelli, dear. You only *thought* your family was screwed up...

Noah Bennett. *snerk* Noah-first-name was my first thought, and then I remembered all the collecting of specimens (Not quite two by two, but close enough). And he and Claire are happily back together and off to collect the family once more. Awww...

And Ando lived! Woo-Hoo!

Overall though, I expected more flash and bang for a season finale. More special effects and a bigger, better fight between Sylar and Peter. Did they run out of money? But Volume two looks fun - and that was Sulu in the Kensai mask, right? Indicating he might well be a LOT older than we think, and explains his sword fighting abilities from last week. Last week takes on a whole different set of levels of meaning when you consider that he probably knows Hiro from that time as well. Intriguing, but not grabbing me as much as I'd have expected.

Season as a whole : a solid 9 out of 10.
The finale : 6 out of 10.
Tags: heroes

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