Sentimental yet sardonic (booster17) wrote,
Sentimental yet sardonic

I obviously need a heroes icon

So, some thoughts about Monday's Landslide.

Sylar's own inate power of 'seeing how things work' seems to have a nice side effect of enabling him to master the powers almost instantously. Ted took ages learning how to come up with those mini-bomb blasts in his hands, and within hours of killing Ted, Sylar's doing that for fun.

Now, I wonder if Peter's copied that power already from Sylar after their last meeting. He did seem to settle down Ted's powers awful quick at the start of this ep. Overall, the Peter/Sylar fight looks like it's going to be a doozy - Peter can copy anything Sylar does eventually, but Sylar masters his powers so quickly that I suspect it might come down to a stalemate. enter the cheerleader with a gun...

Candace, while still possibly being a too powerful character, at least now has a personality and a more interesting background. And great to see her and Micah getting on so well. I kinda hope Jessica/Niki doesn't kill her off.

But damn! The people behind Heroes don't balk at killing people off for the sake of the story, do they? Lindeman's brain pulped by DL, DL himself bleeding to death, and Thompson killed off by Bennett in possibly the best exchange EVER.

"What's going through my head now, Parkman?"

"Your last thoughts."

BLAM! BLAM! And note he shot him twice. Just to be sure. *grin*

Chances of everyone surviving the last ep alive : Absolutely none.

- + -

Incidentally, I'm three episodes into Veronica Mars season 3, and not that impressed so far. Veronica's not the most sympathic character at the moment, and I'm not totally sure why. I'm missing a big season long mystery certainly (unless the rapist is meant to be it), and the Mysteries of the Week, although occasionally fun, don't seem to have much connection thematically with VM's life.

On the whole, I think VM works best when it's intensely personal for Veronica and she's driven. Starting out now, fairly happily settled down with Logan feels odd - those two work best as star-crossed lovers, so domestic bliss is weird. Hopefully it improve, right?

Oh, and is there any reason why ep 3x10 is so hard to find anywhere? Been stuck on 20.2% for a week now on the only torrent I can find anywhere....
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