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Heroes : Origins

Variety reported today on the announcement of “Heroes: Origins,” a spin-off of NBC's hit drama series "Heroes." The new "Origins" series will be composed of stand-alone episodes centering on characters not yet seen on the original show. Viewers will be asked to pick their favorite “Origins” character who will then join the cast of “Heroes” itself. Series creator Tim Kring will oversee the new “Origins” show, which will be produced simultaneously with “Heroes.”

“Heroes: Origins” will air Monday night in the “Heroes” timeslot after the mother show ends its season or when it goes on hiatus, allowing the franchise to run virtually uninterrupted by reruns or non-“Heroes” related programming. NBC has ordered six episodes of "Origins," making for thirty total hours of "Heroes." Despite rumors to the contrary, “Heroes” will not be moved to a new timeslot to bolster weaker programming on other nights of the week, and will maintain its Monday night presence.
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