Sentimental yet sardonic (booster17) wrote,
Sentimental yet sardonic

Studio 60 update

It's back May 24th.

Looks like it'll show everything up to the end of the season, so we'll get some closure of storylines at least. But still no news on whether a second season will be coming.

Overall, I think Studio 60 will go down as a failed experiment. Good actors, interesting set-up, but very flawed execution. The show seemed determined to stick to certain calls it had made before starting, and violently refused to change. I'm looking at you Matt/Harriet. Horrible, horrible lack of chemistry between the two actors, and you really felt like these two were much better off without each other, so why the hell did they constantly keep running back towards the other. Danny/Jordan worked better, but was horribly rushed. I'm giving that one a pass though, based on Amanda Peet's pregnency screwing the game plan there.

Stand-out characters to me : Cal, Matt's assistant (who it shames me to be not able to remember the character's name. Suzanne? Sue?), Tom Jeter, Matt, and the forever blessed Jack. Ah, Jack. The saviour of the show if he'd been allowed. Wonderfully abrasive, totally convinced he was always right, and ninety percent of the time he was.

I also feel the whole concept of the show swung away from the back-stage behind a comedy show idea, and way over into soap opera territory. I want to see stuff in the writers room, the manufacture of props, last minute scrambles to get things right on the night. Not Tom wants to date Lucy, but his boss is making him take someone else out that night sitcom style plotting which anyone sensible could short-cut in seconds. Not Harriet isn't over Matt shenanigans. No Jordan is pregnent - and not by Danny! shock tactics. I can get all that (if I wanted to) from other shows on tv. Stick to what makes this show different!

*blink* That was an unexpected rant. I only popped on to mention when the show was returning for those three of us still watching. It's just that I hate seeing potential like that wasted. *sigh* I'll still watch what's left, but it could have, should have been better.

I expected more from Aaron Sorkin.
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