Sentimental yet sardonic (booster17) wrote,
Sentimental yet sardonic

Looking for some Lateral Thinkers...

Bit of a Friday puzzler here. I have six songs, all cunningly concealed by pictures and images, and I'm trying to work out what they are. Luckily, I have a smart flist here. *crickets chirp*

Hello? Bueller?

Song 1:
A picture of a new, shiny whistle. No sign of a pea.
A whale, floating on the ocean, blowing a spout of water upwards.
A sheep's head.
A piece of kitchen equipment, looking like a colander or similar.

Whistle whale ewe wok - Whistle While You Work

Song 2:
A restaurant worker, carrying a bottle of wine and two glasses.
A lamp, with the bulb on, just peeking out from under the shade.
The letter "O".
A bucket, full of water and soap suds.

Waiter shade O pail - A Whiter Shade of Pale

Song 3:
A cloud, with rain falling from it.
A castle tower.
The number 4.
A close-up on a chain, and one particular link.
The phrase "On my".
Someone's head, facing to the left.

Raindrops keep 4 link on my head - Rainsdrops keep falling on my head

Song 4:
A mole, just peeking out of its molehill on a lawn.
The letter "O" again.
Four people, all marked in turn : Pa, Ma, Bro and Sis.
A giant tractor tire.

Mole O kin tire - Mull of Kintyre

Song 5:
The lower half of a face, with a big wide grin and slight stubble.
Same picture, only there might be a touch more stubble (could be slight artistic cock-up).
A man with his hand up in front of his face going "Psst" to the man behind him wearing a strange hat with a star on it.
The letter "O" yet again.
A tap gushing out water into clouds (could be steam) and an arrow pointing down into those clouds.

Song 6:
Three 'House to rent' placards.
A boy holding up a bowl and the words "Please Sir".
A fried egg.
What is either a rooster or a hen, depending on what the artist thinks they look like.

Lets Twist Egg Hen - Lets twist again


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