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DW 3x03 - Gridlock

Sorry for the delay in putting this up, but most of yesterday was spent working on the last parts of my Remix.

Hee! On the wall inside the one car, behind the 2 Asian looking girls, is a poster with the words in Japanese "Warui Okami" - which I understand to mean 'Bad Wolf'. Anyone else notice it?

Kittens = teh cute. Any Doctor Who ep with kittens is automatically bumped up a grade.

Face of Boe : "You are not alone."
The Doctor : "He's wrong. I am the last Time Lord."
David Tennant in the Confidental : ""The Face of Boe is right and the Doctor is right, it's half right".
Um.... that mean Romana survived? [/random long-shot]

And the return of the Macra! All the way from 1967, and a story that no longer exists. Anyone else think RTD deliberately scraped the barrel there? But it's just nice to see old references like that popping up every now and then, especially when you consider this is the third ep in their own new Five Billion set of linked stories.

And Martha rules. Calling the Doctor on his shit is something that should have happened way back, but Rose never would. Makes you wonder when you look back at season 2 just how much of that was the Doctor happily bouncing around with Rose, trying desperately not to think about Gallifrey too much. Nine was too close to the destruction to ever really be able to deal with it, but Ten should be able to cope - if he can bring himself to talk/think about it.

And bonus points to Martha for calling Ten on taking her to the same places as he went with Rose. Though nice to see the Doctor at the start of the ep lying to himself about keeping Martha around and stretching his own definition of 'one trip' to well, 'more than one trip'.

Interesting viewing figures when you consider the lovely day. 8.0 million watchers, with a 39.5% auidence share. Football obviously makes a much better lead-in than the lottery. And most interesting of all is that the audience kept from the Man U game was only 7.4 million - it built as the show went on. Next week should be even more interesting as it's starting even earlier than normal, but then it IS Daleks....

Overall, not as good as the last couple of weeks, but still fun.
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