Sentimental yet sardonic (booster17) wrote,
Sentimental yet sardonic

DW 3x01 - Smith and Jones

They pulled it off. Brand new companion, expertly welcomed into the Tardis family.

I like how the Doctor's only starting off with one trip as a thank you to Martha. Of course, we all know that won't last... It makes the new companion thing feel a lot more organic and fluid in a way.

Overall, I'm quite happy and very impressed with Martha, though her family need to be made to shut up or calmed down a tad. She's very different from Rose (which is good), more analytical, more questioning and a very different kind of fire in her. What the Doctor wants is someone who can think for themselves just as much as follow his lead when it's needed. You can see him first actually noticing her when she mentions meeting him that morning, then his consideration of her when she's about to open the window (and why no-one mentioned the lowered gravity on the Moon, I have no idea. Fan-wank : The Judoon also supplied artifical gravity for the hospital along with the forcefield, and used it to march across the lunar surface as well cos they're funny that way). There are some lovely little touches in Ten's looks at Martha as well - they're almost learning to read each other from the very first moment.

Who'd have thought an ordinary straw could be so creepy? Boo! for the destruction of the sonic screwdriver! Yay! for the brand new sonic screwdriver!

And that kiss. Sneaky, evil RTD broadcasting that kiss all over the place. Then ably explaining it away as a genetic transfer. Still, Martha got her own back with the CPR... and I suspect the first kiss means a lot more to Martha than it did to Ten.

Big, big bonus in that Ten didn't shout as much as last year.

And really, how can you not like a show where alien rhinos with guns invade a hospital, and start using felt-tips to draw on people's hands?

And Vote Saxon on the alley wall at the end? Ties in with the poster in Love and Monsters and the "Mr Saxon says 'Fire!'" line from Runaway bride. This is so definitely the new Bad Wolf/Torchwood.

The Doctor had a brother? *eyes boggle*
Tags: fandom - doctor who
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