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No 4th season for Veronica Mars?

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Exclusive! Veronica Canceled
By Kristin Veitch
Mar 15, 2007 6:26 PM

The day we’ve all dreaded has come, tubers.

With actual tears in my eyes, I must tell you that I’ve heard from several solid sources that the CW has decided not to bring Veronica Mars back for a fourth season.

Though official word has not yet come down from the network, I did hear from creator Rob Thomas earlier this week, who told me things weren’t looking good: “I’ve never been less certain of our fate. I’m afraid I’ve gone from cautiously optimistic to something less than that.”

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Same blog, better news and The Hollywood Reporter both report a possibility of a 4th season after all where Veronica is leapt forward several years and is now studying at the FBI academy. No news on what other supporting characters would make the cut though.

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