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Odds and sods

A few other things :

wildecate: That DVD mag is called Total DVD and costs £4.99. The free dvd has two season seven Stargate SG1 episodes on it : Fallen, and Fragile Balance. So basically Naked Daniel and Mini Jack.

ffutures: So there I was browsing at the comic shop today and decide on a whim to pick up the latest Dork Tower issue (and pass it on to a Goth friend of mine as a present, purely on the Clan Mopey pages) and flicking through it at home find an full page advert for Diana, Warrior Princess. I love wierd little coincidences like that, telling me that the world's a lot smaller than you think.

laney_1974: Get well soon.

empressvesica: I'm still interested in that mutual beta-ing, btw.

foenix: Have you seen what Chuck's gone and done in the latest Avengers?!?!? If he wasn't liked by Avengers fans before, then his welcome is almost certainly up now...
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