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Haven't updated this for a couple of days, so here's a few things as they occur to me.

Anyone in the UK who hasn't got all the Buffy DVD box sets yet, may be very happy to know that now includes Season 7 in the sale and is now at £30 (including post and packing) instead of the regular £80. Mine's already in the post.

Big Brother starts on Friday, so I'll probably be posting daily about that. :) I must admit to being hooked on it the last four years, so this one's a obvious thing to start warning you about.

And Euro 2004 starts on June 12th, so expect loads of comments there. I shall go out on a limb and agree with all the experts that France is most likely to win it.

Fic update : Carry On, The Slayer In Question and chapter two of On a Pale Horse are all awaiting their final polish and brush up. Still working on my Faith ficathon entry which is needing a title at some point, and had an idea for a 20 minutes with Tara ficlet. I might well do that tonight, just to get it out of my head.

Oh yes, and Billie Piper's been named the new Doctor Who assistant. *crosses fingers* Please don't let her be anything like as bad as Bonnie Langford.

Next Buffy Crossover by rosewilliams
The charaters end up as
Main characterBuffy
Crossed withCSI (either of them)
Number of chapters2
Date finishedJanuary 11, 2005
Percentage of people who hate it: 20%
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