Sentimental yet sardonic (booster17) wrote,
Sentimental yet sardonic

Quick TV thoughts

Studio 60 - *phew* So much better than last week, and I like Danny again. No further comments/spoilers until most of the Americans have seen.

The Apprentice - After the last three eps were so... so... insanely determined to win Gold, Silver and Bronze at the Annual eXtreme Shark Jumping Televison Show Awards, this ep settled down to mildly irritating. First Rule of the Boardroom - Shut the Fuck Up unless being directly attacked. Like Frank, Marisa was too loud and too disliked by her 'fellow' team-mates. Unlike Frank, Marisa failed to attack the other candidates in the Boardroom. *sigh* Why do I watch this? Because it's fascinating car crash televison. And Trump's hairpiece has hypnotised me.

Also managed to re-watch the second episode of the UK's version of The Apprentice. Which I also love, but for very, very different reasons. Sir Alan Sugar takes the thing seriously, and there is detailed looks at the actual tasks, the planning and performances and very little on him other than the boardroom at the end. It's fascinating, but in a totally different way. I caught the one where the two teams have to produce and sell a charity calendar for St Ormand's Street, the famous childrens hospital. The men's team came up with a humourous calendar featuring babies dressed up in various outfits, the women came up with a minimalist cat calendar. Yes, that's right : cats. And that was even before the meetings where they were trying to sell the calendars to professional buyers. *grin*

Also addicted to : House, season 1 dvd set.

Annoyed by : House, season 2 download, stuck at 99.9%, missing 2.25MB, with no seeds.

Confused by : This review - "Uhhhhhhhhh, that was kinda stupid and dumb, but Humorous and funny. I like your stories, they always include parties.". *blink*

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