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Lazy Sunday afternoon...

I'm bored, and therefore will make you all entertain me.

Shamelessly stealing the idea from tthjinni, I present

1. How often?
2. Nine or Ten?
3. Best invisible person in your head : Six, Scorpius or Harvey?
4. Best Tardis companion : Sydney Bristow, Jayne or Samantha Carter?
5. Ultimate or 616?
6. League or Society?
7. Next to ship : All Star Batman, Ultimate Wolverine v Hulk, or Daredevil : Target?
8. Holy Grail or Life of Brian?
9. Anita Blake should just ________?
10. Gaius Baltar is a ________?
11. Owen Harper deserves ________?
12. The only person Jack Harkness wouldn't sleep with was ________?
14. Best excuse for why #13 is missing.
15. Rhys or Owen?
16. Ranger or Morelli?
17. Richard or Jean-Claude?
18. Eli Quinn or Ekaterin?
19. Mickey or Rickey?
20. Most annoying relative never before mentioned in the tv series yet suddenly appearing?
21. Most annoying excuse for why someone suddenly left a show?
22. Best fake English accent : Spike, Sark or Ten?
23. Favourite two digit number, and why.
24. Rose Tyler or Sam Tyler?
25. Number Six (Prisoner) or Six (BSG)?
26. Weevil (Veronica Mars) or Weevil (Torchwood)?
27. Corporal Benton Fraser : boxers, briefs or commando?
28. Right eared, or left eared?
29. Most embarassing body part?
30. Question : Vic or Renee?
31. Pierce Brosnan or Daniel Craig?
32. Next host on The Muppet Show should be ________?
33. Mrs Gale, Emma Peel, Tara King or Purdey?
34. What really happened to House's leg?
35. Starbuck/Apollo or Starbuck/Anders?
36. Rock or hard place?
37. Devil or deep blue sea?
38. Gypsies, tramps or thieves?
39. Love or VD?
40. Cake or death?

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