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Doctor Who season 3

Here's what we know so far :

Episode 1 - Smith and Jones
Writen by : Russell T Davies
The Doctor faces the dreaded Judoon, who have transported a hospital to the moon... including the young Martha Jones.
Also features : Jones family.

Episode 2 - The Shakespeare Code
Writen by : Gareth Roberts
Shakespeare gives the performance of his life to save the Earth from destruction at the hands of fearsome flying witches.

Episode 3 - ???
Writen by : Russell T Davies
The Doctor returns to New Earth and encounters the Face of Boe again.

Episodes 4 and 5 - Daleks in Manhattan/???
Writen by : Helen Raynor
The Doctor and Martha visit New York in the 1930s... and meet the Daleks.

Episode 6 - The Lazarus Experiment.
Writen by : Stephen Greenhorn

Episode 7 - ???
Writen by : Chris Chibnall (Torchwood exec producer/writer)

Episodes 8 and 9 - ???/The Family of Blood
Writen by : Paul Cornell (rumoured to be an adaptation of Human Nature)

Episode 10 - ???
Writen by : Steven Moffat
Double banked episode, rumoured to be the origin of Captain Jack episode.

Episode 11 - Utopia
Writen by : Russell T Davies
Also features : Captain Jack

Episodes 12 and 13 - ???/???
Writen by : Russell T Davies
Also features : Captain Jack

Some interesting hints when you add in all the things from the teaser trailer at the end of The Runaway Bride. Btw, Torchwood has got a second season go-ahead, and s4 of Doctor Who has been conmissioned, but not yet announced. David Tennant is contracted up that far at the very least.

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