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Specific fics

Sin For Me (Sark/Syd) By Jinni
Summary: The hate is a lie and she knows it.

Bat-verse/Veronica Mars
New Kids
Veronica Mars doesn’t take to usurpers too kindly. (Tim Drake)

Battlestar Galactica
"Benevolent Sibling"
The cylons are watching. There are cameras everywhere on Galactica. Just one problem remains for the cylons - what will they call this new soap opera of theirs?

~ + ~
California Dreaming
Dawn/Xander, post-"Chosen".
By Tesla321
~ + ~
Chase V Chase
Brilliant Cordelia/Cordelia pwp by Calle Dybedahl.
~ + ~
Chasing Xander
Xander/Kennedy. No, seriously.
By Xanderlike
~ + ~
Compelled - The Buffy/Angelverse Reshaped
Illyria doesn't like how things have ended up. The only thing to do is to travel back to the last year of Sunnydale and start changing things...
By Hotpoint
~ + ~
Flirting In Code
Kennedy’s into geeks. It’s Willow’s fault. (Dawn/Kennedy)
By doyle_sb4
~ + ~
I am the Walrus
The Key is sent to Buffy to protect in the form of a Walrus.
By speakr2customrs.
~ + ~
Nobody Never Gets to Heaven
The world's most dangerous vampire has been lured to the glittering playground of Las Vegas. While the hunt is on through the casinos on the Strip, Buffy and Willow engage in a deadly battle of poker to determine the vampire's ultimate fate. It's up to Xander, Spike, and Faith to decide who should have the winning hand. WIP
By Liz Marcs
~ + ~
The side of good wants to reward Buffy and Xander by revealing their love for each other. The Hellmouth has other plans, and takes advantage of a clerical mix-up to twist things. Can all find happiness in such a strange and kinky situation, and if not, can they at least have lots of hot sex along the way? (Xander/Anya/Buffy/Faith)
By M Mcgregor
~ + ~
The Hunt for the Chraka Rathklo
In an AU season 6, Xander teams up with the Trio (Jonathan, Andrew and Warren) to form a superhero team.
By Airawyn

Buffyverse/Doctor Who
Meet It and Live It
It might be an end. It might be a beginning. As many such events are, it's probably a little of both. (What if Buffy's swan-dive through the portal to save Dawn actually spat her out through the Rift, in Cardiff?)

The One With the Vampire
Featuring Vamp!Chandler.
By Tesla321

Buffyverse/Multiple Crossings
SEAL Team 13 by Tenhawk
Recruited to do a job he isn't sure he's capable of, entrusted with the lives of more people than he'd ever imagined in his worst nightmares, Xander Harris finds himself as the designated expert on the supernatural for the United States Navy.

The Next Room - NC17
Summary: She can’t believe what she’s hearing.
By Jinni

Buffyverse/Vorkosigan Universe
With A Star
By Don Sample
Miles Vorkosigan discovers a thousand year old mystery during his honeymoon on Earth.

DC Comics
Roy Harper/Cheshire snippet

Doctor Who
The Big Blue Box of Powell Estate
Occasionally there was a big blue box that sat in Powell Estate, but it was a mystery, because no one ever really saw it.

Firefly/Jane Eyre crossover
Jayne Eyre
The great novel Jayne Eyre comes to life before your gorram eyes.
By Bookishwench

The One Where They're Girls
The One Where They're Girls, And Make The Most Of It
NC-17 House/Wilson genderfuck girlslash. Need I say more?
~ + ~
Things To Do Before You Die
In which Wilson turns thirty-eight and a half, thinks about kittens, and doesn't have a midlife crisis. But not necessarily in that order. (House/Wilson)

Justice League animated
Wally West vs. the Chicken Salad of Doom
Wally West is the Flash, aka the fastest wanker alive.

Justice League/My Little Pony
Justice League Ponyland
Blue Beetle and Booster Gold. Need I say more?

Hellblazer/Sailor Moon
Sailor Hellblazer!
Destiny had plans for Gemma Masters. She was to enter the world of magic, and in a grand way. But a funny thing happened along the way. Destiny ran into her uncle. John Constantine.

The Princess Bride/Stargate Atlantis
The Physicist Bride
A classic tale of true love and high adventure. (McKay/Sheppard)

Torchwood/Vorkosigan universe
Can't Trace Time
As a result of a twist in space, time, and universes, Owen Harper ends up Tien Vorsoisson's boss. (Owen/Bel Thorne)

Veronica Mars
The Wallace Inquisition
Wallace knows something is going on. He just doesn't know what. Time to break out the Wallace Inquisition. (Veronica/Logan)

X-Men (Comics)
Thou Shall Not...
The Xavier Holiday Rules
The Xavier Holiday List: Halloween Edition
Three very funny sets of rules normally pinned up on the fridge at Professor Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters.

Classic books
Three Men and a Boat
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