Sentimental yet sardonic (booster17) wrote,
Sentimental yet sardonic


So, in my opinion, the best episode yet. And complete with a total EWWWWWWW moment, when I realised just what they were showing/implying at one point.

Jack/Ianto seems to be canon now. And Ianto said exactly what I said after episode one - about gloves coming in pairs!

Risen Mitten. Life Knife. *snerk*

When they first panned around Suzie in the wheelchair, I was mildly curious as to what that was on the back of her head, and then I realised. Ewww. And then they made it part of the plot! Much, much love for the whole expertly worked out plot.

And Yay! Everyone had a role to play! Tosh shot the glove and worked out the way around the lockdown. Ianto got the signal out, and Owen worked out the life drain. And Jack was finally back! He's flirting again, but still dark enough to shoot Suzie dead. And again. And again.

Stopwatch sex. Righttttt.... though I suspect a pushing buttons metaphor in there somewhere.

And Jack just couldn't resist saying 'Torchwood', could he?

From the official site : Torchwood IM's. Read after you see the ep.

And David Tennant fans might like this link to a photo of him in only a swimming costume.

*steps back to avoid the stampede*
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